I have an AC problem and the air does not blow out the main vents. on 2001 Cadillac DeVille

When I turn my AC on the air only blows out of the defroster and under the dashboard. This started about 4 months ago when there was a clicking noise like something was trying to engage under the dashboard when I turned the AC on. Now there is no more clicking noise but air does not come out the main vents anymore. The air is still cold but not much is coming out. How much doe sit cost to be this fixed?

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I had the same problem. I found a vacuum line under the hood on the firewall loose, replaced it and now everything is working great !!!!
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This could be a simple problem like vacuums that come from the engine or the actuator that controls the vents might be broken if the actuator is broken the any where from 400-500 dollars if a vacuum problem maybe one hour labor !
Thank you for your response. I did take my car to a dealer and they put it on their computer and found out that the Airflow Control is defective with the door frozen. Also they said that both of the Actuators are broken and need to be replaced. They gave me a price of $1800.00 to repair. I told them I couldn't spend that kind of money on an 8 year old car with 80000 miles on it. Knowing what needs to be done what kind of price would you charge to replace the airflow control unit and both actuators?
I also have the same problem. Good luck and please post if you find a 'reasonable' solution. I do not want to spend $1,800 on AC to front vent for a 8 year old car w/ 70k miles. Thanks for posting...