1990 Ford F-350 Q&A

1990 Ford F-350 Question: i have an 88 f350 dually

please tell me why there is not juice to the fuel pum[? and where is the fuel relay switch? and is this a typical problems for this truck -
Answer 1
there are many reasons for no power to the pump. the fuse could be blown from a bad pump. the inertia switch could be tripped from towing or a hard hit. the relay, which is on the left front fender skirt with the power relay. and last, it could be wiring. you need someone who can track this down and give you a bid for repairs. fuel delivery issues are common on these trucks. thanks for using repairpal Roy -
Answer 2
two relays on the left inner wheel well one is white &brown(fuel pump) one is green & white( ign.) -