I have an 2003 Honda accord and it will crank but it will not start. on 2003 Honda Accord

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I just replaced the power steering pump, alternator, and battery. What could be the problem
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Did the car start and run , before those parts were replaced? IF so , I would begin by re-checking all the connectors you had to remove to do the work. Also CHECK ALL FUSES under the hood and under the dash!
No it stopped prior to putting the new parts on
what symptoms?
Is the check engine light on?
Yes it was.
Then get the code read and post the result on here. Should give the info. we need.
if it turns over check for spark and fuel pressure
Spark plugs were replaced and fuel pressure checked out ok.
then I assume it turns over but when you replaced spark plugs did you actually check for spark while cranking the engine?
Yes he did check for spark, and it had it