I have an 02 and i been having electrical problems what can i do? on 2002 Buick Rendezvous

My key fob battey low light will come on when i just bought a new battery, my car will say service engin soon nd just start dinging. everything in the car will lock up. Is there a way tofix this?

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you have a failing body control module. you can try to reboot it by taking off a battery cable and installing it to see if anything comes back. if not, you need a shop to verify, replace and flash for you.

i usually disconnect the battery and it will undo everything but once i start the car it will go back into service vehicle soon key fob battery low rear parking lamp out but all the things it says is wrong are workin fine.
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make sure the new battery is not bad, i paid $350 at a cad dealer to try to fix my car before i went and got it and towed it home, because they were going to start replacing different parts , (first part was the idle control .which i had kept unplugged), I ended up figuring out, the few month old battery, was bad, it had multiple codes thrown and ran bad.