i have a1992 chevy blazer. on 1992 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

i replaced the fuel pump at the tank. but now still not run. i check fuel relay no power. can any one help me? yes i replaced the icu thinking tha was my problen and still dont have power at the fuel relay. please help.

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Have you ckecked the fuses? Sometimes it is cheaper to go to see a mechanic!
Yes I did check the fuses and looks good.
Yes I did check the fuses and looks good. I put power in Orange wire in the fuel irelay it will turn on.
From where fuel relay get power? ECM?
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maybe the ignition is not good
Check for hot power (batt) to alternator. Then from alt. to the two fusible links. You can also use a sewing needle to punch into the wires ever few inches to find the break with a meter or a light. Go from the batt. Stud on the alternator and check for Power to the in side of the fusible link. This will also help if the whole left side bank of your fuse box isn't powered when it should be.. No headlights and no power to the fuel pump relay. 1989 s10 blazer .. Might help with others .ask me how I know...;-)