i have a very loud rattling noise that occurs when i hit a bump on 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer

sounds like its coming from mid to rear of truck. rattles until i come to a full stop. it NEVER happens at idle. mostly after ive hit a bump in the road. its sooo loud and embarrassing. as i come to a stop it begins to sound like its winding out then will stop completely as i do.

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Sounds to me as though you're in serious need of a brake job. Could liken the sound you're hearing to a huge spring getting compressed, then bammmmm... gives you the impression that its been released and continues to bounce all crazy at the wheels. Or tie rods n ball joints. hard to tell at the keyboard.

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Sounds like your sway bar end links. Mine went out and this caused the exact same sounds on my 03 TB.