I have a strong smell of gas when I first park in my garage. I leave the door on 2002 Subaru Forester

No drips on garage floor

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What you have described can be caused by a multiple of things. Some of which could be dangerous. If you wish, you could bring it by our shop located in the reading outskirts then my guys can perform our 100% free car check for you. There is no obligation, tricks or gimmicks. Its something we offer all our customers. At least then a mechanic can looked it over to make sure you don't have something dangerous going on and to give you an idea of what of direction you need to go to get it corrected. If you wish to do this, please call 610-777-9340 and tell James that Jeff sent you for the free car check and you have a gas leak somewhere. Be safe. Jeff Arms - Owner AAMCO of Reading Pa