I have a starting problem on 2001 Volkswagen Cabrio

I replaced the air mass, coolant sensor coil, wires .Car will start and run sometimes. I seem to have an erratic weak spark. What else besides the coil will cause this thanks tom

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VW is known for coil problems. Are there any codes in the computer? I have also seen a few computer reflash TSB's from factory. Sorry it is tough to say without some diagnostic information. If you can bring it in, I am sure we can help. Thanks, Scott
I got it to start now but if I give it gas it stalls
Could be a fuel pump, need to check for correct pressure. but could also be a mass air flow sensor, did you install new or reman?
Replace with new but still had the same problem. I'll check the fuel pump Thanks
My car is doing the same thing. I was told to replace the mass air flow sensor but haven't done it yet. Since it didn't work for you I don't think that was my problem. Did changing the fuel pump work?
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Its gotta be the ignition coil pack. It costs around 50 bucks and takes 15 minutes to replace.