1998 GMC Sonoma Q&A

1998 GMC Sonoma Question: I have a severe knocking sound in the front of my engine.

My truck is a 98 GMC Sonoma and last night I was turning into a parking lot when the knock started, its been getting progressively worse and now just 15 miles later its horrible. I was curious if i could get someone who had the same problem describe their symptoms? Maybe then I can narrow it down to the timing gears with out digging into it. Thanks so much. -
Answer 1
Take the belt off and see if noise stops. -
Comment 1
I did this morning and it persisted, what are your thoughts on the timing chain tensioner? could that make that loud of a smacking sound? -
Comment 2
It ain't the chain on this engine!!... Most likely deeper, sorry... Have a mechanic listen to it. -