I have a roaring noise coming from the left front end. on 2013 Cadillac SRX

I have had Benny Boyd mechanics try to fix the problem with no success. There are over 6 repairs attempts and I file a lemon suit. They sent a guy named Richard that obviously cannot hear and he lied about there being a problem, even with the mechanic sitting in the back seat stating he heard the roar. Im not sure if the lug nuts had anything to do with it, but it is the loudest on the drivers side at 35-40 mph and can be reproduced on the left rack.

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Agree with goodguy....sounds like a failing wheel bearing.
if you replaced the LF wheel bearing and it is still noisy I would replace the right side as well
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it could the hub and bearing is making the noise but a lot of the time it sounds likes its coming from the left side when its the right side causing the noise
Hub and bearing replaced on the front end. It is a rotational noise. The wheels and tires have been replaced.