I have a rear main seal leak in my 2002 escalade,what should I do? on 2002 Cadillac Escalade

The problem started when trying to inter the hwy I accelerated just enough to get in front of another car when I heard a strange noice,I went to a dealership and looked underneth and noticed oil leaking from the area of the rear main seal, I had a technition put it on the rack and sure enough,that's what it was, also an oil pan leak, what do you suggest that I do?

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Get another opinion! Something dont sound right about the oil seal to just start leaking all at once!
There's no need for another opinion, that's what the problem is.
In that case the only thing to do is fix it. Or let it leak!!!!!. It just don't start leaking because you accelerated to get in front of another car! No reason for the rear crank seal to make a noise either!
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agree with pushrod
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