I have a power steering leak, after I fill it 24 hours later it will be empty. on 1994 Chevrolet S10

I can see a very small amount of fluid that has leaked underneath the truck on the ground, but where is the rest leaking out to? This leak occurs whether Im driving or not driving. Lastly, would I be able to fix it or would I have to take it to a professional mechanic?

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You would be the best judge if it's something you would like to repair on your own or not. It may be very awkward to replace p/s lines if the are under the vehicle. I would recommend a professional inspection at least. P/S fluid loss like that could quickly damaged the pump.
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power steering is under pressure...try filling it and turning steering wheel at idle that will show you where it is coming from,could be simple like a hose...
Thank you for that tip, I will do that tomorrow.