I have a pontiac G6 2006 We,ve had the check Engine light the t/c light and the on 2005 Pontiac G6

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engine Reduce power message. I was traveling about 70 mph and slowed down for traffic, as i went to speed up these lights and message appeared and my car slowed down to about 4o mph on the interstate. Pulled over and shut off the car and waited about 2 minutes and started off again with no lights or messages. 10 minutets later it happened again. What is going on? this happened about every 10 minutes as I drove home.
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I TOOK THE CAR TO MIDAS, they took some codes when the car acted up. They were po120, tp/apv sensor, po220. tp/app sensor 2 circuit, p1516, elec. throttle - throttle position performance, p2101, tac motor circuit range, p2135, tp sensor 1-2 correlation. These were the codes that they came up with. They replaced the the throttle body assembly with a new throttle body. They did not replace the accelator pedal w/sensor because they did not think it was a problem. Car now seems to be working okay.Thank you for responding to my question. Jim