I have a mystery coolant leak at the rear of the engine on 2001 Toyota Sequoia

It leaks onto the seering rack, but only after the car is off and it starts to cool down. Is this a freeze plug? It lloks as if it is coming from the transmission, but I have no Transmission leak.

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poss intake leak in the rear have the cooling system pressure tested
What is an "Intake Leak"? Is this an easy repair? I just replaced the Fan Pully, so i disconnected the hoses (upper and lower) and replaced the thremostat and resealed the water inlet housing. Did I leave something unconnected? Thanks
inyake ban be a 5hr job xeek help and get a diag to determine the cause of leak
Here’s the answer…I got some coolant dye, and found out that I installed the O-Ring improperly on the inlet housing (Toyota 4.7 V8). It leaks slowly under the raised intake manifold, down the back of the engine. You cannot see it, as it barely leaks out. Plus, when I replaced the Fan Pulley, I leaked coolant into this area, and thought that the coolant I was seeing was from my repair job, and not NEW coolant leaking. The dye was essential for me to see what was happening. Thanks for your help, though. I’m just glad it wasn’t an intake gasket!
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