I have a miss in #1cylinder what causes it? on 1995 Ford Escort

I have replaced spark plugs,wires,also replaced lifters,gets compression with valve train off.Is it possible piston ring is stuck or broken?

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is you cam lobe in good shape?
The cam seems to be in good shape the rockers move up and down like they should,when the valve train is off the compression comes up.I was wondering if it is possible for the valves to have sunk into the head in the cylinder??,also the intake is much warmer at that cylinder than at #4.I took temperature readings while engine was running.
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Next could be your coil or possibly your fuel injector.
it has a coil it possible for just a part of the coil pack to go bad,or is it all or none?.I will look into the fuel injector too thx for your input!!!!
Yes is possible. Autozone checks most free of charge. They also have a loan a tool service on tool called a "Node tester" to check circuit on fuel injector. May want to check that first to make sure power there if end up replacing fuel injector. Coil's pretty reliable but they do fail. You're welcome!