1991 Lexus ES250 Q&A

1991 Lexus ES250 Question: I have a Lexus es250 1991 auto transmission, that only goes forward...

It doesn't work the backwards gear... Do I have to replace the whole transmission. ? Or what coul be the problem..? -
Answer 1
you should take to a tranny shop and have them diagnose it -
Answer 2
Good Morning, Leale's Transmission offers a FREE EVALUATION of your vehicle's transmission - this evaluation provides valuable diagnostic information as to the state, or damage to your vehicle's transmission, and helps determine possible repair or replacement costs. As transmission specialists, Leale's Transmission can or replace, repair or rebuild - in house, your Lexus' transmission, offering a nation-wide warranty on our work. We can even help with local towing! Please call and we will schedule your vehicle for a free transmission evaluation at your earliest convenience. Leale's Transmission & Auto Repair 405 Keyes St San Jose, CA 95112 Business Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm -

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