I have a hydraulic leak, and can't see where it is leaking. Not on ground/hoses. on 2001 Pontiac Grand Am

I have filled with hydraulic fluid on 2 occasions in the last week. Both times it has disappeared, but not onto the ground or any hoses. Where is the fluid going?

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Manual transmission with leaking clutch fluid OR brake fluid leaking?
WHAT IS LEAKING?? More info. needed.
Manual clutch fluid...also, if it's the slave cylinder, what do I need to do to remove it?
Trans. has to be removed if it's the slave cyl.
Thank you!
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If this is for your power steering pump. I also have a pontiac grand am 2.4 liter. and have the same problems. if the pump is mounted to the camshaft it just maybe the the shaft seal in the pump. oh my bad ur talkin about the manual transmission?