I have a grinding noise on my left front tire. How to fix? on 2004 Ford Explorer

The car started giving me a grinding noise in the front left side. My ABS light is on, my 4x4 goes on and off. It gives me a hard time turning when I first start the car, the wheel jerks to the right at times. I just had brakes and rotors changed a month ago, as well as a faulty coil spring. I can't see any visual damages to the wheel hub or anything else. Some help please.

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Sounds like the hub (bearing) is bad. should have found that when brake service was done.
Are you referring to the wheel hub?
Ok Do you know how much part and labor could run me for?
Aprox $300.00. the abs sensor is in the hub.
Thank you, I'll see if that fixes the problem.
That's for a better line hub, not cheaper line. If you can raise the tire off the ground and you should be able to feel movement by grabbing the tire at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock and move it back and forth opposite direction on each hand. The second line bearings do not last as long, so I don't recommend them.
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