I have a Ford Windstar van and it recently showed a battery light-will not start on 2004 Ford Focus

Initially, there was no radio, headlights, dashboard lights-- then it quit and would not start.

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What ever vehicle you have it sounds like an alternator problem.
Thanks--that is what I thought too- woman intuition I guess!
Nothing wrong with that! Wish my wife didn't have so much.
Yeah , mine too , after 22 years it's just getting better!!........never mind.....
These women, can't fool em, like trying to sneak daylight past a rooster! I Love it though.
Got any kids zip? I have 1 son. Told him if he ever picked up a wrench i would flog him!!
Never mind for real, i just read your other reply about the Skins.
Back to the question, sorry ma'am,we get sidetracked from time to time. Easy for us men to do!
Have the charging system checked, also the wire connector at the alt. Hope that helps.
Thanks for your reply--was the alterntor-damn, I hate spending money!
I know what you mean especially this close to x mas. Glade you found the trouble.
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possible alternator issue.