I have a continuous problem although several things have been replaced. on 2001 Kia Optima

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Car acts like it's not getting fuel and won't start. I had been on the freeway using the cruise control and suddenly the tach revved all the way to the right and then swung back and forth and then the car died. It's done similar things before and we've replaced the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft sensor, timing belt, spark plugs, and fuel filter. We determined the fuel pump is okay, working as it should. The check engine light has pretty much been on since I bought the car (used) this past March. i love it an it drives great but this problem is really getting to be a problem! Second time i got stuck by the side of the road, and now my mechanic is puzzled as he thought for sure this time it was the fuel pressure regulator and replaced it, but car is doing the same thing. I've had the codes run once before the last repair and it said it had a large vacuum leak somewhere and a miss in cyl. #1. My mechanic is stumped at the moment and i'm just sick of this problem, whatever it is! Any ideaS???? thanks in advance and thanks for the opportunity to ask!
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