1990 Buick LeSabre Q&A

1990 Buick LeSabre Question: I have a check engine light that came on. The dtc 65 is showing.

The check engine light came on showing dtc65. I looked it up and it said "Right bank O2 sensor rich exhaust indicated" Have any what that means? Thanks. -
Answer 1
It means that o2 sensor is reading more fuel then air and the fuel mixture is not correct for efficient operation. -
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How do i correct this issue? Is it something a rookie can do? -
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When I was a rookie, I didn't know how, but several years later and updated equipment helps. Google the code and there should be something to help you understand what causes it, what to check. Could be an EGR, air filter, leaky fuel injector, etc. -
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Ok. Thanks for your help. Time to do my homework. -
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Good luck, ask again if you need to. -