I have a broken connector for my headlight switch. What is the easiest repair? on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I removed my headlight switch because I had no headlights / parking lights / no instrument lights. When I removed the connector off the back of the switch, one half of it fell apart. I could tell the switch had failed, but the connector is now damaged. Rather than replace the whole harness, how can I rebuild the connector?

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I would get get those blade connectors and start wiring new ends onto switch or maybe the part store will have the pigtail ,you can
Always call them ,like a acme or Napa or look @ online part stores..
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The problem with the harness connector is not going to go away. The motion of the up and down adjustment of the steering wheel constantly moves the female and male components, and over time carbon debris builds up from this motion. This time when I replace the 18" of harness (acquired from a wrecking yard) I am going to release the tension at the junction of the lighting and wiper wiring. I then am fabricating an anchor point on the ends of both connectors to attach 'ti-raps' (maybe zip-ties in your generation) to rid any motion between the connector and the switch.
This problem had to be recognized by Mopar engineers. From the president to the engineers to the mechanics, many had to have made mention of this 100% failure rate potential. They (the CEO to the janitor) and every kid that plays computer games knows to tighten the two little thumb screws on the cable connectors to negate this carbon building motion so that his game is not interrupted. This was an intentional, built-in weak point to sell switches and resultant labor. Shame on Chrysler!
As man of Faith I have to believe that the Lord will tend to this, but the devil sure has tempted me to find an 'honest attorney' and GITTY-UP!