i have a bolt that is stuck. i need to know what is behind the thermostat. on 2003 Dodge Durango

can i replace it am i able to remove that piece

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you can always drill and easy out broken bolts. i suggest soaking with wd40 overnight then work bolt out slowly
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if you have never changed a thermostate before or if you think that this thermostate has never been changed, maybe you should go to the shop. Now if you are willing to do it yourself, be careful when untightening the bolts, there may be rust or debri holding the bolt on to the thermostate housing, use caution,Some bolts will bend and break if you are not loosening the bolt at dead center, no bending or twisting, just a little eye contact at every turn, and when re tightening do not over tighten, you can cause other problems. Once you get the thermostate housing off then you will find the thermostate, just sitting there waiting on you to pick it up, make sure the replacement part is manufacturer recommended, and put everything back the way it was. Some pepole like to spray a little penetrating oil on rusty bolts, but this can cause the tool not to grasp the bolt head and slippage may occur (not recommended). This job is not difficult or time consuming, but you must be familiar with the what if problems, handle withcare and caution should take 30-45 min, dont forget to replace any fluid loss.