i have a black hose spraying out in back by windshiled what hose is that. on 1998 Chrysler Sebring

is it easy to fix my self i am a women.and no nothing about cars but i am going to try.

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go by your mech and ask him to look at it should be a n/c repair for a little goodwill
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it sounds like your hose is off for the washer ,press the washer to see if it sprays on the windshield if not the n reinstall the hose to the washer nozzle
this hose cause my car to over heat and smoke came out driver side.and thank you for getting back with me.i am the one last week that asked you how hard it was to change the transmission fluided in my mercery tracer.come to find out some one put wood chips in it. so i had to get this chryler sebling only thing i could daughter is on life suport and i have to have car to get here to doctors appt.and i keep geeting ripped off . i had 3 cars towed out on 2 months time have a real bad time with cars and you help me alot .
if you are leaking anti freeze then I would wash the engine off and see if you can see a leak it could be a heater hose.good luck