2003 Ford F-150 Q&A

2003 Ford F-150 Question: I have a bad idle and surging problem after it warms up.

If I un plug the MAF it seems to clear up. Replaced MAF about 500 miles back. Replacing TPS and have replaced Vac sensors on EGR AND CANISTER vent valve. -
Answer 1
Did you check if there's any vacuum leak somewhere? -
Comment 1
should have been 5000 miles, I'm checking on a smoke test to check for vacuum leak. Seems you can't do it with spray as the PCM will try to compensate it. I don't know the system well enough to understand why unplugging the MAF would fix the problem. -
Comment 2
If there's any vacuum leak after your maf sensor it will act up -
Comment 3
I think your right on with the vacuum leak. I changed the TPS and drove for 40 minutes and no problem. I did get a rich burn code, cleared it and it did not come back. Will replace problem PCV hose on back of intake and drive again. Hope this is the vacuum problem. -