I have a 99 suzuki vitara. Fan blower motor will not come on, all else ok. on 1999 Suzuki Vitara

Drove to Costco, 104 degrees. Upon leaving---no blower fan whats so ever. Compressor is running, was blowing cold.

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check the fuse first. if it is ok, you may have a blower resistor failure or blower motor failure.

Thanks for your prompt response. No prior warning of fan motor not running. Owners manual shows a 25 amp fuse. If fuse is bad would the compressor still coninue to operate? Any clue as to resistor location? I am assuming the fuse is a 1 inch square object with a pigtail plugging into it. The manual does not indicate what it looks like. Thanks again Dale 512 345-8234
yes, the compressor would still run. it is on a differnt circuit. no, the fuse may be just a reguler fuse that is marked 25 amp.

resistor is by the blower motor whichis under the right sdie of dash behind the glove box.