I have a 99 ford escort zx2 the idler pully inside the timing cover sheard on 1999 Ford Escort

Being as the belt just slipped iff could it have done damage to the valves? How do I ck the car runs great but wonder what damage could have been done...really need advise they say its an interferance motor..not really sure what step to take next..

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Get some hands-on help on this one!... It would have been better if the belt had simply broken. Can install timing components and start engine to see how it runs!
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very poss bent valves and even poss piston damage.pull head and insp
the 2.0 is non interference unless its a diesel or probe.
Well that's what I thought... Until I looked @ the application guide from NAPA!
I went n bought the timing kit gonna try my hand.fingers crossed
Go for it!! You may find some helpful video on YouTube for gear alignment. I have installed these belts on this engine before with no problem after the old one broke... Keep in mind that ANY engine can be an interference application under the right conditions!! .. Good luck with it!!!
I appericate the help I love my car n to me its worth fixing ..will let u know how it goes..
They ALL worth fixing... Too many in the bone yard now...IMO!...but that's what I do so, may be wrong... I'm sure you got the component kit...right? IF you need more help... Post back and someone will oblige...
Yea the whole kit ..its only got 100000 on it n is in great shape.
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