i have a 99 for explorer 2wd hasnt ran in a month on 1999 Ford Explorer

we changed the fuel pump the fuel filter the battery and the coil pack sometimes it will start then other times it wont .. i kno my key has a chip . on the top of my key is cracked and u can c a white circle chip it it would tht stop it from working i got it febuary of last year.. this guy has been looking at it for 5 days andput it on all his machines and he dont kno whats wrong .. what could it be andy theft light blinds alway it never stop even when car off and keps out

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Did you drain old fuel out and put new fuel in. Fuel will go bad.
no i didnt .. could tht be the reason y its not starting . what started first was the door locks the wipers in from the i was driving steering wheel felt like it locked up car died. then it would start i can drive it a bit more then when i acclerate it would die quick after stoppin at a light then a guy at ford put on a bran new fuel pump and it work for a few hours but my father said for me too put this stuff in while i filled up my gas . then it start acting more stupid and couldnt get anywhere . it cranks but nothing a code for the ignition sensor come up when my hubby used his code reader and another code i had forgot what it was .. its been at this guys shop for 5 days and he said he put the car on all these machines he could figure it out he even called in another machanic they couldnt figure it out
Yes if the fuel is old it will either run very rough or won't run at all it really sounds like the fuel went bad adding fuel stabilizer to it will only help if you did it before it went bad won't help afterwards. Try spraying state fluid in it while stating if it starts then dies your fuel is probably bad you will need to completely drain the fuel tank and put new fuel in and you may have to change the fuel filter again...