I have a 97 jeep wrangler 2.5 eng. It sputters occasionally on 1997 Jeep Wrangler

sputters when accelerating and sometimes while at a cruise or constant speed. I have replaced distributer, cap, button all plugs, and wires. I replaced the fuel pump a weed ago and it seemed to fix it for a week. Started doing it again yesterday. I have to pump the gas pedal to keep it going then it clears up for a while. any ideas

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have the injectors cleaned by a shop that uses the direct injection method.

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I experienced the same problem. On my Wrangler Sahara it was due to a faulty O2 sensor. Try taking it to the dealer or Autozone or anybody with a code reader. I seem to remember that they had to reset the codes and they told me to bring it back just as soon as it happened again. There a couple of different of O2 sensors in your Jeep, Our's turned out to be the one closest to the engine block. The part was around $25 BUT the labor was costly. Try researching it on the web (you tube) and you could replace it yourself, Or a buddy and a six pack. Hope it helped.Good Luck