i have a 95 saturn "i think sc2" on 1995 Saturn SC2

so my 95 saturn has a motor with around 40k miles but a bad body. so im looking around to buy another car and swap motors but im wondering if a sc2 will fit in like a sl1 or sl2?

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Check with salvage dealer they have that info.
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ck with wrecking yard for interchange possibilites
If it's sc2 that's dual cam 1.9L. Best thing is to find another dual cam like in sl2 or sw2. If it's not dual cam it's a sc1 so sl, sl1 or sw1 motor should work. sc series is 2 door, sl is 4 door and sw is wagon.
yeah i dont think its a dual cam. and its the 2 door. thanks for the reply.