I have a "91 Toyota Camry" with a slight electrical related problem on 1991 Toyota Camry

I have a "91 Toyota Camry"

I just disconnected and reconnected the alternator.. I didn't disconnect the battery terminal until half way through the project. I noticed a minor spark when unbolting the alternator ground then remembered to disconnect the battery.

Today I put the alternator back in and I'm sure that I reconnected all of the wires properly, but the car WOULD NOT START and has no indications of power, i.e. no dash lights and nothing electrical works; everything seems dead presently.

I found that the main alternator fuse connected to the positive battery cable was blown and replaced it, but the car still won't start and has absolutely no power.


What other fuses may have blown? What other problems might there be? Is there a way that the circuit breakers have been tripped? How do I check the circuit breakers? How do I know if the brain or computer is now defective?

The car ran fine before i disconnected and then reconnected my alternator.

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seek help you have blown something else in the system
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Check all the other fuses inside the cabin plus the others under the hood,specially your main, engine ignition & crank.Always to check for electrical problems,start the vehicle ,once running disconnect the battery ,with a healthy electrical system the vehicle should stay running.
Curious what the status of your 91 is? I encountered a similar problem today.
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