i have a 4x4 1999 jeep Cherokee, when I drive on dirt roads I have noise coming on 1999 Jeep Cherokee

from the front right tire, also a little vibration in the stearing wheel, what is causing this?

Depends on the type of noise & vibration... Mine would make a grinding noise intermittently, usually at low & high speeds but not at mid-range speeds, also seemed to increase when turning. Ended up being the wheel hub assembly. O-ring had busted and a couple of ball bearings within the hub had fallen out, and the broken seal would occasionally catch a moving part and start grinding.

You can diagnose this by jacking up your jeep at the wheel that's causing the noise, then push on the top & bottom of the tire to see if it wobbles. If it's sturdy your hub assembly is good. If it wobbles in & out, even slightly, it's likely the hub assembly.

Pretty involved to repair, but it can be done without any experience if you can find a good YouTube video and follow their instructions.

If it is your hub assembly you might as well change both sides, because the other one is likely not far behind from needing repair. And while you're at it you can do your rotors & brakes since they have to be removed to get to the hub.

After buying parts & tools I think I ended up paying the same amount for replacement of both front brakes, rotors, and hubs by doing it myself as it would have cost to just get the hubs done by a mechanic. Took me a good afternoon to do it all, probably 6 hours or so, but it was pretty F'ing hot out so I had to take a lot of breaks.