i have a 4runner when i start it the engine there s no fire in two cylinders any on 1997 Toyota 4Runner

when i take the wire out no fire came of the ignition what should i do sometimes when i accelerate the gas is chocking can't take gas very well
any suggestion please

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seek help from your mech it could be several issues
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If the 2 cylinders that are dead are one with the coil and the one that the wire from that coil goes to (three coils three wires) Then replace that coil. You don't need to replace the wire , but I would recommend replacing the spark plugs. GET FACTORY PARTS>>>WORTH IT!!!!!!!
thank you very much . Is that possible i can replace all three coils to avoid a future problem like this
You can visually check condition of the other two coils and wires. If their is no obvious signs of the coil/boot , or the wire having any blueish hot spots on them then I probably wouldn't replace them at this time. I would replace the one bad coil and it's wire and all six plugs. again I would recommend toyota parts. Good luck.