I have a 2010 Electra that has doors that lock when you close the door. on 2010 Hyundai Elantra

the doors lock automaticly when you close the door and leave for a few minutes. Is there any way that feature can be eliminated?

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some vehicles with factory or after market alarm systems will do that.i found out the hard way.i was buying a vehicle several years ago.i was test driving it,stopped,turned the engine off at home,got out,shut the door and was talking to friend,60 seconds later i hear,CLICK.the doors locked,both sets of keys on key ring in the switch,windows up,alarm set?i got lucky,had a lock out kit,got the keys out pretty easy.YOU WON'T DO THAT BUT ONE TIME,IF THAT!!
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I'm not entirely sure; however, a good call or visit to your selling dealer would be a good idea, as they can go through the information with you first hand. It's a great idea to have a solid relationship with your dealership, in my opinion. Doesn't mean they'll charge you anything, and you'll have people you can count on, especially during the warranty period.