I have a 2010 Chevy Express Van that has lost power and won't go over 28mph. on 2010 Chevrolet Express 2500

I use my van everyday for work with no issues. However this morning it snowed and I went out to let it warm-up.
When I went down the road it was fine for about 3 miles when all of a sudden it lost power. The display read "Loss of engine power" and an engine icon showed up
on the dash. Tho only pre-cursor (if this is one) would be that for months now as I backed out of the driveway and then put it in drive and stepped on the gas - the engine would hesitate and on rare occasions stall. This would also occur in parking lots where the engine had been warm already. Would anyone have any ideas what this new 'loss of power' problem might be caused by ? I understand there are coils around the spark plugs that cost $100. each (OUCH !)I'm just hoping this is something reasonable. Thank you.

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My van had the same problem it got fix by changing the trotle ::
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Possible issue with fuel...have shop check it.
Several months ago I received a recall notice from GM of a possible problem with my express van. I did not pay much attention to it because I was not having any problems. Then this week my van started acting up in that it was doing the same thing yours is doing. Dashboard lights up with all these warnings. I had to limp home at 15 to 20 mph being the max I could get out of her. Went home and found the recall letter that reads "may have a condition where throttle position sensor may cause the engine to run rough and cause the malfunction indicator lamp and/or engine reduced power message to illuminate. If this occurs, it could result in reduced engine power." I took it to Chevrolet house today, along with my recall notice. They just called and said they could not do anything about it becuase they could not duplicate the problem. I am going to try and get them to replace the "throttle position sensor", but thay do not want to because they cannot duplicate problem. Any ideas out there? Thanks
I had a same problem on my work van, catalic coverter fall apart and block the exhaust, created back pressure, easiest way to check, take off oxygen sensor above catalic and see if it changes, I hope that helps