I have a 2009 4wd Chev Colorado. The 4wd lights stay flashing. Is it okay? on 2009 Chevrolet Colorado

was solid before. driving in snow, I parked. When I started up again, I put in reverse but was in 4wd. I stopped and put in 2wd to finish, then into 4wd in forward but light stayed in flashing mode and only goes solid in 2wd. Is it okay to stay flashing? Do I pull fuse and put back in?

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your are flashing is due to malfunctions in system.have someone read codes and repair as necessary
So the one reference I saw about unplugging the fuse and replugging won't take care of it? How could it go from being okay in drive til when I parked and then when I backed up maybe 10' in 4wd, the problem started. Is backing up straight in 4wd something you should avoid? It does it in 4low and now it is flashing in 2wd since this afternoon.
electrical problems can happen any time. its just one of those things
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