I have a 2006 Chevy Equinox and one of the cooling fans is not working. on 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

I order a new cooling fan assembly and I have the same problem: The ac cooling fan works but not the other fan; Before I order the fan I trouble shoot everything to make sure that the fan was bad, I even straight wired the fan, then I straight wired and I used the same wire to straight wire the cooling fan and this one came on. I check the continuity in both fans and only the cooling fan had resistance: Before installing the new assembly I straight wire both fans and they both came on: But after I installed the assembly fan and hook the manufacture connections only the cooling fan work: Please help this is driving me crazy:

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check fuses and relays.
I have check the fuses and relays for the hi and low fan: If I disconnect the fan thats not working and measure my dc voltage at the connection, I get 12.6 volts on one side of the connection: I also get the same reading on the cooling fan connection: This thing has me baffle: Thanks for your response:
So your getting power to the motor, right? check your ground wire to the fan..
Thanks TBone 1980. I had too sleep on that one and really let my mind relax: I finally went back at it and splice the connection and ran a ground from the body of the truck and dammit that darn fan like to cut my hand off, just kidding: But it was not getting a ground: Thanks again
No problem!!