I have a 2005 subrban xl, the stability system screen popps up and wont clear. on 2005 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

the traction control system seems to be not working either? the dealer put all new brake pads, rotors and calibers and tires on?

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The traction control system is controlled by the anti lock brake module. The module needs to be Scanned by a Tech2 scan tool. Possible ABS sensor problem when dealer changed the brakes. I would go back to the dealer who installed the brakes and ask them to verify, for no charge, that something wasn't caused by the previous work that was done. Any more questions before being charged for the repair, just post the question.
Thank you, They told me that the system stability screen was showing but was nothing, that they had talked to a gm tech and was told it would not effect the operation of the vehicle.. I also now have a clicking in the right front of the dash- behind the airbag compartment, any ideas?
Possible recirculation door actuator, or blend/temp door actuator. It can be verified with a Tech2 as well. Just a comment, The last Yukon XL I did had the stabilitrac issue, was the Steering Centering Sensor. You might have someone other than that dealer verify the issue, just to make sure it wasn't something that they did to cause this problem. And yes it will cause problems with the operation of the auto braking and power reduction of the engine.
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