I have a 2005 Honda Element LX and the "shuddering" has been going on for a LONG on 2003 Honda Element

I have a 2005 Honda Element LX and the "shuddering" has been going on for a LONG TIME. Noticeable between speeds of 25-40 mph, and not happening consistently. I have raised this issue numerous times with no definitive answer because the problem could not be replicated. The "D" on the transmission shifter (on dashboard) is now flashing and a technician that I just got off the phone with simply stated, "It sounds like the torque convertor." How the hell can ask this question for years and just now get an answer so quickly !?!?! This began right as the warranty was to expire, 110,000 later it's still doing it and NOW it could be bad enough to cost me thousands of dollars, and NOW I get somewhat of an answer !?!? Unbelievable.

by in Nashville, TN on February 05, 2013
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ANSWER by on February 05, 2013
IF it is torque coverter 'judder' as Honda describes it , maybe it's taken a while because it's not seen by the dealers in Elements. We see it very often in the Pilots and Odysseys , but not the others. TRY changing the trans fluid and use ONLY Honda ATF!! Aftermarket fluids may worsen (or cause) the symptoms. IF after changing the fluid , the symptom lessens or goes away , then that would help to confirm that it is in fact the torque converter 'lock-up' clutch that is causing the 'shuddering'.If that's the case , just change the fluid every 20-30K and stop worrying about it.Have the flashing 'D' light diagnosed by an independent trans shop if you don't trust the dealer.It is most likely a faulty pressure switch.Whatever you do DON'T have the trans 'flushed' ONLY do drain & fills with Honda fluid.
COMMENT by on February 05, 2013
I agree with #1
COMMENT by on February 07, 2013
Thanks !!! I had the diagnostics done and it turned out the code being generated was for the 3rd pressure sensor...? Something like that. Would have to go back and look at the receipt specifically. So, don't do a transmission flush, only do drain and fills with the Honda fluid ? What is the reasoning behind not doing the flush ? I do understand about the "type" of fluid...got it ! I have 143,000 on it...and no problems other than the "D" light flashing..code being generated, and the "juddering." Should one ever do a "flush" on the transmission, or is it not recommended in general ? Also, just out of curiousity, do CRV's have these same issues ? Thank you so much for your help/advice ! I certainly appreciate it ! -jS
COMMENT by on July 10, 2015
Just got an assessment of the very shuddering effect you mention. The dealership says it a Drive Axel issue. $640 CDN installed. They're replacing our tranny fluid, so hopefully that will lessen or take care of the shuddering... fingers crossed. Ours is a 2008 Element, 200,000km (120k miles)
COMMENT by on August 14, 2015
Canvasplus, I have a 2008 Element with the same issue. Can you tell me if replacing the transmission fluid corrected the problem? Mine gas $98,000 miles and I love it but am worried about costly repairs ahead. Thank you.

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