I have a 2004 Nissan Altima and the engine will turn over and will not start. on 2004 Nissan Altima

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Had a bad fuel pump and replaced it and now pump turns on and have replaced the Camshaft Sensor, still will not start, engine turns over and just will not start. Please help??? I am gettin a diagnostic code of P0507
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I know on the 2.5L they have problems with the CRANK sensor and wire connector. Did not post engine size, as usual, nobody does!!! This usually occurs after running engine and then stopping and wont crank back for awhile, is that what it is doing?
It did start and I drove it about 20 min around town. Took it back home and it will not start at all cold or hot. Battery Voltage is good. This is a 2.5 4 cylinder. I measured the voltage on the TPS (Throttle Position Switch and get .893 Vdc butterfly closed and as I move it the voltag increases to 4.9 Vdc smoothly. I removed one of the spark plugs and it is "Wet" with fuel so I am getting fuel but no start
Think Nissan may have some info. on the CKP sensor, give dealer a call. Still think the ckp is bad or unhooked completely!! Lower back side of engine just above oil pan but closer to trans. Not easy to get at.
Can I se this from up top? Or do I have to go up under car? Also I have been searching this problem online and read somewhere there is a Ignition Relay. Do you know anything about this and where it might be? The one time it did run, (Right after I changed the Fuel Pump) which was VERY hard to start then also, after ending got to operating speed the idle was at 2000 rpm's and would drop to 1000 rpm's, up and down very sluggish, but drove fine around town, then it has never started again.
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po507 = idle spped control system. where are u buying the crank sensors? after market are maginal at best,try nissan part. it might even be cheaper but for sure better
Have not replaced the Crank Sensor yet. I have replaced the Camshaft Sensor and got the part at Autozone for $29.95. This did NOT fix my problem. Please somebody help!!!

Ok this is the next day. I think I have found my problem. Some "IDIOT" had this car previously and had problem with the Cranshaft Sensor of which he replaced, but broke the connector in the process so what he has done is just "STABBED" the 3 wires (Red, White & Black) onto the new crankshaft sensor of which now have become "Detached" therefore causing a "NO START" Condition. What I need now is I am going to find me a harness off of a wrecked Nissan and wire it onto the harness on my car, but I need the diagram, where the red, white & Black wires go onto the connector please somebody must have done this. Send pic if have one to
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