2003 Hyundai Santa Fe Q&A

2003 Hyundai Santa Fe Question: i have a 2003 santa fe after all the work i did im back to the original problem

whe i first started to work on the car use to start, but it didnt have power. i check the catalytic converter and it was mess ut(no flow was going throught it) i change it, car drove good for about 5 min then the same problem, right after car warm up. i change the timing belt and did a tune up. car drove good really smooth for about 5mins again then the same proble. i try to do a induction service. now the car dont even start. i check the gas and the spark it has both gas and spark. any one have an idea what could be the problem? -
Answer 1
tow to shop and get diag and est and quit wasting time and money -