I have a 2003 Chevy Suburban, leaking Antifreeze. having trouble locating where? on 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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It is leaking antifreeze to what looks like down off the AC Compressor onto the Oil pan screw heads and off. I cannot seem to locate where. Could it be AC Compressor, A gasket or what?? every thing above the AC compressor appears clean and dry. HELP!!!
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Another 'very common' problem leak is the water pump on all of these LS/Vortec engines!! Really need an inspection mirror and flashlight to look at the bottom of the pump for any sign of leakage from the 'weep hole' area. Engine off of course! Repair shop can pressure test the system, that may help locate it. Had one with the 5.3 in the shop for a mystery leak and service, left it in the shop overnight, next morning found the H20 pump had leaked about a pint on the floor then simply stopped leaking! Even under pressure it would not show up again. Found it with a video scope by checking the weep hole and could see some coolant residue. Tough to find them at times!! The A/C compressor can't leak antifreeze! However the leaking pump will sure make it look like it is!!!!!!!!!!
Thx for the reply, and additional info. I was pretty sure it could not come from the AC Compressor but needed to put it out there... With the difficulties in seeing where the issue is coming from, It could be exactly that, the water pump. I did think the water pump but was not sure. I just want to narrow down all potential options of where it can come from and start from the cheapest and work my way up... Thx
It's pretty easy to see a water pump leak just, look from the bottom using a flashlight at the weep hole.
IF it is leaking when you try to find it, is easy to see anyway. No matter where it is!! Problem with the pump is, it is not always leaking! That is why a real close inspection is a must. Pressure test should reveal a gasket or freeze plug leak but not a pump shaft seal that leaks intermittently.
Usually out the corner of the intake gasket
So more than likely a gasket, Not possibly AC Compressor? Just trying to narrow all possibilities down.. What kind of difficulty job is this?
Freeze plug? I believe there is one right above the compressor area. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for the help, hopefully this will be the answer... :)