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2000 Nissan Altima Question: I have a 2002 Nissan Altima fuel problem?

I have a 2002 nissan altima, the car would not start after having been run for some time. After using starting fluid it finally started and drove normally. Next day it started on two diffierent test. Then drove for approx: 20 minutes after shopping it would start again until I had allot of starting fluid. Acts like it isn't getting any fuel, but tank is nearly full. Could this be the fuel pump? Car runs good once it has started, no cutting out or lack of power. Need to fis asap, any help would be appreciated. -
Answer 1
Crankshaft position sensor is failing. Nissan has a recall on this, call dealer with your vin # to confirm and set up the repair @ no cost! You just think the starting fluid is making a difference. Actually the sensor is just cooling off which allows engine to start up again, run until switched off then the same thing again. Bet is starts every time when engine is cold or cool. -
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yes, I started the car after it sat over night, and then again 8 hours later. Once it was ran for 10-15 miles then it owuldn't start again for another 1 1/2 hours. Thank you for the help, I will contact the dealer and see what if anything can be don eon a recall. Do you happen to now any recall notice numbers or dates. -
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Yes but i don't have access here. Try google, there is a number. Type in Nissan Altima crankshaft position sensor recall. Whatever happens, that is your starting problem! -
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