I have a 2002 Honda Civic. My SRS light stays on, is this on the recal list
on 2002 Honda Civic

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I called Honda and was advised I needed to have my driver seat belt reinstalled. The cost was just under $500. A friend put WD40 in the seat hook up and the SRS indicator turned off. This was o.k. until I was rear ended and the SRS indicator came back on. Do I put more WD40 in the hook up or is this problem something on the hidden warranty list.
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scan test for codes and go from there
How do I do a scan test for codes?
Bring to a Honda dealer or a shop equipped with a scanner that can read the SRS control module codes.Most of the warranty extensions(NOT RECALLS) have expired on those. If you were rear-ended hard enough to have any seat belt pre-tensioners deploy , that would cause the SRS light to be on and also would not be warranty.