I have a 2002 Ford Windstar that idles and accelerates roughly. Rain = flareup on 2002 Ford Windstar

I've changed plugs/wires, manifold gaskets, egr valve. Codes show massive vacumn leak. Problems really flare up when I run it during a rain storm. I smell fuel standing outside drivers door when I start it up. Is there some valve coming off gas tank underneath that could be an issue?

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Well, something must be getting wet and causing your issue. check ignition components. you can also try spraying water around ignition wires and coils to see if your issue acts up then.
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Muncy, had this problem. the computer is built upside down, I am would suspect that you have had the cal removed at one time or another. The seal was broke and is allow water to enter down the fire wall. if you remove the computer you will notice that the outside flange is facing up and allowing water to enter. remove computer and seal around top opening. also would fill wire cluster with die electric grease. when finished seal cal up.