I have a 2002 ford escort se. I ran up a curb that I didn't know was there. on 2002 Ford Escort

Now my front left tire shakes at first it was just when I went over thirty that it shook badly but now it doesn't matter what speed I'm going. Also I ran a computer test for my check engine light and I got code P1451 the evap. My car use to cut off if I dat at the light too long or if I kept it running too long. Then some one plugged a hole that was in some type of hose. Now my car doesn't cut off and my gas last longer but it still should last longer I use to be able to ride on half a tank for a week now it only last two days. Please some one who knows something about cars help me please

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have a diag for excessive fuel consumption and scan for codes again. you may have a fuel trim issue
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