I have a 2002 Aztek - How much should it cost to replace the BCM at the dealer? on 2002 Pontiac Aztek

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Problem started with AWD and brake light going on and off, the bell that dings when you open the door keeps going off, the radio shuts off. Then the security light came on, I looked it up and it said it could be my key. I switched to the other key and it all stopped for a while, I think it was a coincidence because after a few weeks it all started happening again. Looking at the forums, I think it is the BCM.
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It requires literally thousands of dollars worth of equipment to diagnose the vehicles today. That is why you have to pay for diagnosing the problems on these vehicles.
The alternative is letting a shop guess at what it is at the cost to you.
expensive guess

bcm is around 300
flashing is about 95
labor is 1.2 hours.

i would have this failure confirmed by a shop before throwing parts at it.

Thanks very much Roy - do you know if the dealer charges to diagnose the problem, and if so, is the diagnostic fee good towards the fixing of the issue?