I have a 2000 Solara (4 cyl-2.2 litre) that just stopped while driving-what's up on 2000 Toyota Camry

it's not the timing chain since we took off cover to find it was in tact and not broken. so what can be the problem?

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If this 2.2 litre eng. timing BELT and 'componets' have not been replaced before, or is overdue, that is most likely the problem as the teeth can sheer resulting in engine out of time and no start! Belt still looks ok but it aint! Also possible crankshaft sensor if no spark and timing is correct. Either way mechanic needed, not really a DIY fix! Unless pretty car savvy and handy with a wernch.
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ck spark and fuel pressure to start with
Along with pushrods' statement , while you had the timing cover off , did you have someone crank the engine and watch to see if the cam is actually turning , even though the belt appears okay? Lots of times they will strip on the crank gear but not break.
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