2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Q&A

2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Question: I have a 2000 chevy silverado 4x4, no lights on the selsctor switch?

I replaced the switch, did not work, all fuses are good, I notice the lights flash on anitial start up of the vehicle, no codes came up on the scanner, what do you recommend? -
Answer 1
Is the 4x4 working? Was it scanned with a pro. quality scanner? Not a code reader! -
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no , the 4x4 is not working and it was scanned using 3 different code readers purchased from auto parts stores, which I assumed would let you know the problem area.OH, and yes it is the 4 button selector switch. -
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Code readers cant 'scan' the transfer case module or read it's codes! Suggest having it tested with a scan tool. -
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Thanks, guess I will have to take it in and have a quality scanner check it out. I appreciate your response and your time. -
Answer 2
NP8 or NR4 RPO code on the glover box label? 3 or 4 button switch assy. The controller is responsible for illuminating the switch indicating the mode your in. As asked B4 does the 4x4 work or not and was it scanned with a real diagnostic monitor, not just an OBII scan tool. The transfer case shift motor is real common with those as well as the transfer case control module. -
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It is the 4 button assy and it was scanned using the OB scan tool, the 4x4 does not work at all. -
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Pushrod is right, Those code readers are what we call generic OBII code readers and are for the engine codes only. It wont scan other systems like body controllers , transfer case control modules, auto climate control modules and manufacturer fault codes over PO1000. It needs to be scanned be a pro grade scan tool. 4 button should be the NP8 system and is the more expensive one. There should be a label inside the glove box with one of those codes. The NP8 will have a connector going into the shift motor plus a short wiring harness that breaks out of it with a rectangular plug on the end. -
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Will have it scanned professionally , greatly appreciate you people being out there for the guidence. -
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Your welcome :D -