I have a 1999 z71 silverado,I had replaced many differnt seals. on 1999 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

This is the new body style,I changed the front diff. input yoke,and was told what to do,then they said just put the nut on the same amount of turns,this was done 20.000 miles ago,i I kept on storage for pulling our trailers,now I am driving as an every day driver,mainly highway,ever since this was done,there has been a noise,like a wheel bearing noise,hard R/H-L/H make this noise come and go,how ever,when you engage the four wheel drive,the noise gets intense,I removed the front drive shaft,was told it should be 5 inch pounds to just turn it free wheel,no one i new had an inch pound tork wrench that went that low,so I backed the nut off,tightened littlr by little till the flat washer was helt snug,then went another 1/16 turn,now it is 80% bettter,should I back this off some more,or am I chasing a goast,thanyou,any info. would help.

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I would let it ride if it is much better. Only way to be anymore sure would be to remove dif and measure end play inside.
Thanks for the info.I found that the engagement of the 4x4 was supposibly normal,however it does have a noisey wheel bearing,you cant wrock the wheel assembly,its just starting to get notible.
If you can hear it its bad. Noise should get worse when you turn away from that side. It wont always have a knock but if it does its helps find it so much easier.